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How do you address a younger audience across the whole of Europe? In order to successfully target a new audience, we challenged Hartman to take a completely different path in their identity through a brand new style of photography.



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Hi there! I’m Sophie. The one seat you’ll ever need! For over 50 years, Hartman has been about comfort, design & quality. Hartman watches over your precious moments. Therefore at Hartman, our designers won’t sleep until they’ve created the perfect piece for you. We’ve worked hard so you are able to simply enjoy our lovely creation.

Don’t be shy. Get to know me better by taking a closer look at my features.


Omnichannel strategy


Hi, I’m Sophie. Finally, we meet! I’m the result of years of hard work. Meeting Sophie was never this easy; both digitally and in physical stores. Strong digital strategies deliver awesome results for brands when you integrate and align online touchpoints.

Kemari challenged us to let go of what we were always doing and try to aim for something completely new. The ‘I am Sophie’ campaign helped us become a young and fresh brand in the outdoor furniture market.

Stefanie Sijtsma Semmekrot – Director Marketing & Communications