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Prescan has been the market leader in preventive medical research for the past 15 years. Total Body Scan, the company’s household name, is the answer for modern-day miracles, helping thousands of people discover their disease and treat them on time.


With their website as their central hub for information, appointment and service, Prescan asked us to redesign their corporate website with one clear goal in mind. Take our brand to the next level through intuitive design, clear communication, and well thought out user experience.



  • Brand Experience
  • User Experience design
  • Motion design
  • Digital design
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How can we create an online portal that does not focus on customer journeys but adds purpose to the customer’s journey of life?




After extensive research, we noticed an essential movement in society. Where we started to use customer journeys ten years ago, we now need to ask ourselves how do we contribute to the customer’s journey of life. With this important insight, we started to draft the outlines of the new corporate website. If somebody visits your website, it’s always with an important reason. We need to understand these reasons and make sure we help the visitor towards an answer to his or her needs.



We managed to create a platform where visitors can easily find their info with a single click or scroll.

One click or one scroll away…


With customer service & experience running through every vein of the organization, a customer feels right at home when he visits one of the clinics. To match this with the online brand experience, we mapped out every user intention and made sure that no matter the device, the user can find what he is looking with one click and within 12 seconds.

Everything you need to know in one block


Within one short scroll, we provide visitors with the ability to find the information they are looking for instantly. We designed a “mosaic” block that is automatically refreshes with content based on the user’s current journey in the website.

From design elements to a design system


With digital at the core of their organization, and the creation of new content,
pages and newsletters, as the main point of operation.
We used a design system methodology to take efficiency in digital productions to a new level.
Through a digital library that stores all the design elements, we created a drag & drop system that can create stunning new
pages or newsletters in minutes. Increasing the speed & efficiency and maintaining brand consistency.