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As the year 2021 comes to a close, new and exciting developments are on the horizon. We want to seize the opportunity and give a little sneak peek into the future and what the next year might or might not have in store for us. So, we present our design trend list for 2022.


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Motion Design


Brands are aiming to tell meaningful stories, and over the past decades, static graphic design has blessed us with beautiful campaigns. But as always, things are changing, and in order to go to the next level, many brands will adopt motion design into their arsenal.


Motion designers can bring previous static designs to life, making messages and products more alive. This enables brands to include more personality and humor in their designs. In the creative advertising industry, animations and motion graphics are becoming powerful tools and designers need to update their skills to stay relevant.


source: Creative Boom


In an ever more digital marketplace, motion design can present products and services in completely new and exciting ways giving rise to new ideas and more exciting campaigns.


Back to the ’90s


The 1980’s have inspired us for quite some time now, from Home Alone, Slogan T-shirts to Mullets. We’ve been immersed in nostalgia for them for decades now.


But it’s finally the turn of their successor, believes June Frange, design director at CPB London, at least in terms of design influences. She is calling this the ’90s MTV nostalgia trend. The early internet aesthetic has been around for a while, but it’s reach has been further extended by TikTok filters and lo-fi DIY content influencers.


source: Pandora

Through this trend, we can bring back a sense of couch surfing nostalgia of home entertainment for everyone but mainly the millenium audience.




One of the new design trends we have seen across the internet is holographic design. This trend has recently been brought up by artists who wanted to give their works a mesmerizing and glamorous touch.



By the use of reflection as an additional element you can bring your work up to the status of a real masterpiece, helped by some very cool shimmering effects. And even in printed works it can turn heads, due to the light scattering over a changing color foil used on a surface. Some artists have shown us that it can look pretty phenomenal.




There is a visual renaissance happening. After years of graphic sameness brought on by previously limiting functional requirements. Now there is a clear desire for a more opulent approach.


We’re in a maximalist era where visceral narratives and thrilling visual experiences are replacing the flat, geometric, austere brand systems, trumping modularity with distinctiveness. But what’s most interesting is that these maximalist worlds aren’t just frivolous treatments, but rooted in history and strategy. We’re seeing brands moving to monochromic, bold palettes to create a punchier, more ownable look and feel.


Vibrant and playful typography


As the world becomes more global and online, we can no longer always rely on words to convey meaning from culture to culture. Many designers see this not as a setback, but as an opportunity.


For 2022, we expect typography to push the boundaries of easy readability and create forms that are expressive in their own right. As an example, Nike’s recent ‘Play New’ campaign celebrates the character of typography with beautiful flowing forms, while adding a contemporary twist through vibrant colors and sharp contrasting shapes.


source: Nike


Optimism and humour


There is a clear shift from the ‘hustle culture’ and material things that have validated us in the past, to measuring success by how happy you actually are. Self-care and self-prioritization are in the spotlight. In a world of seriousness, we see brands shifting to a more upbeat and lighthearted look and feel. On a deeper level, we are seeing a resurgence of brands anchoring their meaning and messaging around positivity and cheerfulness.


2022 will be a year with more sensory, diverse and emotionally satisfying experiences of wonder embraced that we have missed in our safe but restrictive homes. Our senses are ready for stimulation.


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